Arena of Mind


In the arena called Mind,

Where each thought wages the war against another

Each thought kills another another thought, which rises to another thought

Emotions vandalize the arena; flooded with blood of jealousy, hatred and arrogance.

Once the arena of myriads, where innocent children played and bloomed; now is a doomsday damsy

The more war is tried to put and end in  mind

The more emotions rise and thoughts multiply

It’s an endless war, in which neither victor can emerge

It’s only a turmoil.

In the quest of peace, the intellect castles its magic stick

Dew drops fall on the eyes and mind notices it.

The mind becomes the dew drop and the dew drop becomes eyes.

No thoughts become an arena and arena becomes a thought.

All the thoughts end this cruel war and unify into an huge thought.

The kingdom was called consciousness and there was peace around.


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