The truth of Awareness & Consciousness

Hello readers,

How you doing? Hope you are doing great and your things are in flow! I also wish a happy Valentine, and strongly wish you experience(find) the true love. (Well I am single :P, though)

Well this article, would be bit deeper. This may seem a bit uncomfortable in the middle, too. But, I am sure that it will bring a definite sense of calmness and awareness to your existence.

I stumbled upon this random book, Freedom from the Known from the suggestion of Sandeep Maheshwari. The book was really boring, I was not understanding a single piece of that book, but internally there was some profound meaning in this book.

In our day-to-day life, each and every moment is comprised of decisions,judgments and implications. Our mind is chattering each and every second. It is asking you to to do this, “well that”.


How are things, that you do and decisions you make are based on. It has come through your external and mental conditioning, your goals, your influences, your parents, your spouses, your demography and everything. When you deeply study your influences, some influences has come from the minute ant to micro organism.

I will explain with a simple example,

Whenever you see a guy with red shirt, you may like him because he is wearing a red shirt, or you may dislike him because he is wearing a red shirt. This is the image you are creating about a thing. Now concatenate this with any of your personal experiences.

You are the observer, liking and disliking a shirt is your image.

So you potentially create 1000’s of images. It’s great that you make some images, and it’s human nature. But if your concentration shifts to “how you make these images“, you come to realization that,”you(I) are (am) an image itself“. You learn to identify things by the images that are created in the society.

I understand, this is bit confusing. But I am asking you to dive deeply, because your consciousness is so deep, and you have never tapped.

So, you differentiate between the images that have been created and you(the observer) you can observe your self. Now I will make the key statement.

Observing the observer.

This statement defines you. When you go deeply into this word, you feel connected. Now images just vanish. “You become your central image“.

The mind stops thinking, your conditions perish.

Now everything you do is made of some divine nature. It is un-motivated, unbiased, intuitional, pious and pure.

Do you know why kids loads of joy in very small things? It is this, because they don’t have any images, but they itself are central images for them.

It is essential that one goes through this state often, and find his true nature. That reduces the contradictions with himself, stops war, drugs, illicit things. That is true opening.

If you want to carry one single sentence in the article:

“Observing the observer, and know that you are present.”

Hope so, I have given a small divine space in your life.

Green lights.


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