Hook to that things

“Try to be the original, everyone else is taken” Oscar Wilde

Hello readers, how are you doing? Hope you are living with your bigger spirits, extended lips with downer curves, a loved ones to cuddle with and making that inner talk to your inner self.(Love to hear, them in the comments section)images


And today I want to write something about the thought, the idea that has been going through mind.  It would be a kind of careful analysis, and conclusion of the thought. So I put my mind dialogue in this post.

Warning: It’s bit genuine and harsh. 

So see the mountains far ahead from you, and take that bigger leap step.



I have become an officially post-graduate on November 28th. I had to travel from Tirupati en route to Bangalore, Coorg, Mangalore and Manipal.

I was waiting for this journey for 5 months. My job life became as hectic, and there never existed a personal life. I stopped reading books, writing blogs, talking to kids around, sleep on my mom’s lap (these things are my personal priorities). All I had was work, come home then prepare for tomorrows work.


“I am only pushing my limits, the more I push, the better person I become.”  I thought.

download (1)

I literally had the image of Jake Gyllenhal in Night Crawler movie.

images (1)

I was doing fine in my office, people around started like me, and then there was pride inside me.

But there were few moments in my life:

  • While drinking my Coffee
  • While taking a break
  • When I eat something I really like.
  • The one minute before I go into sleep.

In this moments there raised a small voice which leads to a thought following a feeling. This feeling led me to a strange gauntlet (Oh! My god, this post got a bit bigger).

download (2)

Well, finally in the tesseract of these incidents of frustration, the day arrived for going to my convocation.


My journey started with my bus at 10.00 P.M, (I had to beg for two days leave) . I was free from every side. I had time to think.

I felt a JERK. I felt strongly aware.

Quick suggestion:

If you feel you are lost, or if you are going through a tough time, pack your bags and go on with a journey.

P.S:-Don’t use your mobile. Turn OFF your Whatsapp.

And then, I had my journey destined to Coorg. I was completely in a new scenario, planning to places, checking for hotels, catching buses, calculating expenses. There were new sets of habits and I haven’t done them for ages. Well had to say, I met many of my old friends and that was quite refreshing.

images (2)

When I came back to work, my productivity bar just raised above. I was not doing anything but I was achieving everything.

That’s the end of the story.

Well, I don’t mean that happened to me was incidental.

I want you to grab a pen and paper, immediately. Do it. Pick it up. If you are reading on mobile, then jot it down in notes.

What means to you more other than your passion.

It may be swinging in your chair, or eating the ice-cream in your favorite shop or playing that bounce back with ball game.

download (3)


Jot it down and come  back to that event immediately.

Well here is my activity, I am blogging. Look out for such activities, when you really feel depressed, have this written note as back-up.

I strongly hope you find such great things in your life.

In life you get depressed many times, things don’t work out the way you want to. If that is going that way, then you are really moving forward.  But many times you step back with disappointment. 

I am telling you get disappointed and find your happy corner.

So that’s all for this post. Hope you shine much brighter and find the treasure of happiness.

Bye, Bye.







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