Let’s run a marathon


Hello readers,

Hope you are doing amazingly well. I insist you the read the article till the end. You may feel this article as an “another article” which gives you a word of feel of some simple advice. But  this is one is quite pre-meditative, intuitive(contemplating word these days) and inspired article. So, get your eyes on the screen, heart and mind open and throw away your distractions. Let’s begin.


 Persistence is the mother of personal change-Robin Sharma

Think of a bad habit which you want to change, or a habit you want to inculcate or a personality you want to be. Now I assume that you have that one in your mind.


Why change is only temporary?

Why can’t be it be permanent?

Why you couldn’t you hit the gym daily or wake up early in the morning and listen to occasional chirps of birds?

Give it a thought for instance. Meditate on it.

Now let’s shift  your focus to the habits you have inculcated. Small habits, it may be anything. Focus your attention, review yourself.

The process takes time. Take time 



It may be inculcated because,

  • It has come from your family and societal condition.


  • From the conditions you have seen

images (1)

  • Your past results and future expectations


  • May be by accident sometimes


Of course there are other reasons too. 

There is no hard work involved, no hustles to make run. It just happens. 

So before inculcating a habit or anything, know thyself. Understand your conditioning, take your priorities and then set your habit. 

images (1)

Think of it every second of your day. You should focus your complete attention to that activity. 

Suppose say meditation. Meditation is one of the best habit one can instill in his life.

images (2)

When you are working do the work with complete awareness, just like you do in meditation. When you are working or reading or bathing do it with full focus and bring all your senses.

If you are on dieting, say no to gossip, don’t let anger consume you and know things. So you eat knowingly and don’t let your feeling control your hunger.

It’s not the habit you are, it’s the “you in the you” which is habit.

I have some quick tips for you to go for a habit:

Take your conditions into consideration.

images (3)

Have a thorough plan, how you inculcate your habit into your daily activities


Rather die, but go with your commitment (The more you miss your commitment, the more inner conflicts you create)

download (1)

Be humble and don’t let habit make you complacent.


After a while you understand, you are not your outer mind, but there is something inner stronger than willpower, commitment, which makes you real stronger. 

So that’s all for now, hope this was motivating and triggered a thought and motivation.

Keep a smile on that face. 

Stay happy and great.


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