Let’s run a marathon

A long thought post

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Hello readers,

Hope you are doing amazingly well. I insist you the read the article till the end. You may feel this article as an “another article” which gives you a word of feel of some simple advice. But  this is one is quite pre-meditative, intuitive(contemplating word these days) and inspired article. So, get your eyes on the screen, heart and mind open and throw away your distractions. Let’s begin.


 Persistence is the mother of personal change-Robin Sharma

Think of a bad habit which you want to change, or a habit you want to inculcate or a personality you want to be. Now I assume that you have that one in your mind.


Why change is only temporary?

Why can’t be it be permanent?

Why you couldn’t you hit the gym daily or wake up early in the morning and listen to occasional chirps of birds?

Give it a

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