It’s in the search

What-Am-I-PuzzlesHello readers, how are you? I hope you are doing amazing well. It’s been a long time, me penning something. It took me sometime. A lot of changes and intuition working behind, of course my comic sense seems improving. Do you believe that intuition and sub-conscious mind plays a very important in being successful. The finest artist performs and they don’t just think what they want. Even if they think, it takes second place. The finest player just plays and don’t think to hit it this way or that way. It happens.  He refines.

         Here is my intuition writing, of course given a thought.

spiritual-deliveranceIt’s in the middle of night he wakes from a strange dream. His mind restless, his body trembling and keeps him in the state of confusion. His mind speaks and speaks, about his situations, the lessons in hermit, the responsibilities he has, the warmth of his mother lap, the pretty girl near the river, ambitions, grit and wits. His mind was tired from his thoughts. He gets tired and dozes off.

 He wakes up and finds himself in his own world. The night “him” was lost and he was in a new world. It was the same yesterday and it is going to be same tomorrow. He knows that strongly. With his thoughts immersed he walked towards the river in search of pretty girl. He had a conversation with her, when he was leaving back, he giggled all over the route remembering the conversation he had. After repeatedly playing the same conversation over and over his mind was tired. He couldn’t allow any thoughts. The pretty girl transformed into thoughts and she vanished.

            He wakes from the dream, and notices that girl was dream. It’s only a feeling that kept him awake.

            He was in his hermit learning the knowledge that helped to show the world. It has thought how things work and how people move. The more he learnt, the more he wanted to learn. It was slow in the beginning but there came a point where he started doing things with the knowledge he had. 

The knowledge diminished as it was converting more into wisdom. He understood that wisdom is where knowledge demonstration decreases and contemplation on knowledge increases. He was not ready for this knowledge, and it was diminishing.

He woke up from the dream, and noticed the knowledge gave him a thought that he was walking, waking and living. It’s only feeling that kept him wake.

            It’s a strange sight. He sees himself in everyone; from people walking on street, workers working for the fort, woman cooking food and also in the dog barking. He already is in love with himself, so he found everyone beautiful. He hugged people, shared a talk and bite, spoke heart out and loved them. Within time every face started to change. He stopped seeing his face on their faces. Real faces were showing up and the only place where he could see himself was in the mirror.

He woke from the dream and noticed people are one and connected to each other. Everyone had their own intuition and they had their own destinies. He smiled. It’s only feeling of connectedness that kept him awake.

            Where is it? Who am I? What is dream and what is real. Where am I sleeping and where do I wake up. His mind stagnated with these things and understood that he was beyond these things.

He woke up from the dream and this time the things are real. His past was written on inscription and burnt. His future was on the top of hill that touched the clouds. He didn’t have anything. It was “this” he had. It was “he” who he “was”. 

“That’s how god lived”, narrator ended the story. People were lost in thoughts, in search of god. 

Hope you loved this story. See you soon and see you much frequently.


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