It’s that Simple

Theme and Idea:- By Ms, Karuna.B.Kothari

Hello! readers, hope you are doing great. As I always, say, I write only when I feel. Last week probably (or even more), I was casually browsing facebook, and saw this random post, by one of my friend list. When there is something simple, I dig my head under it. Steve Jobs puts it this way, “Doing something very simple, is the most complicated thing in the world.”


Well before addressing this simplicity concept, as usual, of my post, “LET’S PLAY A GAME.”

The Game is called “End of loop.”images

Take a very complex situation in your life, say your next income tax return, insomnia, nostalgia, your pricky girl friend or hen pecked boy friend. Go to end of the loop.

Suppose, let me consider one problem (my problem, of course), insomnia (sleep deprivation)

I want sleep for one night, I feel like my computer screen going dizzy, my bike going blurry and I don’t know whether I am dreaming or what is reality, at the end, my company suspends me or I hit a lorry or die. That’s it. Now I can go on, on the problem.

Well, what I meant to say, is simple. Sometimes life is very simple, when you have problem, expect the worst outcome to come. Then your mind dedicates to the problem. One such activity is meditation. Lot of problem suffering from starting it or continuing or persisting for few days. Well here is something simple. Damn simple, in which she explains about her, explaining meditation to kids.So Ms.Kotari puts it in this way. Now her pen writes:

How to make children understand the importance of meditation through a simple interesting story…..

Whenever children hear about meditation they feel it’s a boring topic… but people who experience its benefits always try to tell others to do meditation… but children may not understand if you tell it in a serious way…before making them to do meditation first it’s important to create interest in children regarding meditation…that too in a playful interesting way…….

So I will tell how I made it interesting to my tuition children….

First day I said to my children that they have to close their eyes and sit simply for 5 minutes before they open their books…they were having a question mark on their face…but I did not answer them and just said to do it…it continued for 3-4 days and they started doing that just because it was made as a rule of my tuition…

Then on one Sunday I told them a story…

A story of most busiest factory of the world….and after telling the story I said children

“That are going to relax for 5minutes at least only if they are interested and there is no rule from now and it’s not compulsory….” I just left it to them….

And to my surprise almost all the children started doing it daily and even now they close their eyes for 5 minutes relax and then open their books……its first step to make them sit and relax for just 5 minutes and main thing is without forcing them to do so…

Here goes the story….I will tell exactly the way I said them….

Hello kids…I am going to tell you a story of a big factory….so after the story

first thing is you have to guess about which  factory I am talking and second thing is owner of this factory is in need of your suggestion to improve his factory..So please help him if you can…So here starts the story….

There is one big factory in this world and it is the busiest factory of the world….In this factory there are many units and each unit is looked after by the respective head and its workers…

Each unit used to work when there was work related to its department and used to rest otherwise… the head and the workers of  these units were quite happy as they were getting rest …otherwise they could not  have worked properly….

But in that factory there was another big unit and it had the most skilled workers and skillful head….Without the help of this unit not even a single unit can work…..for each and every smallest of the small work all the units ask the help of this unit….even if at night any unit gets emergency work it has to ask help of this unit… it is giving rise to a problem……

AND THE PROBLEM IS …… “Even this unit which has the most skilled and best workers in it is in need of some rest…so it is requesting the owner of the factory to give it some rest of ‘at least few minutes’ because it  want to help  more in developing the factory by developing itself……”

So If you where the owner of the factory then what you are going to do???

  1. Accept the request of the main unit and grant it rest of few minutes at least so that it can develop itself and the factory??
  2. Reject it like a fool and tell it to work continuously even if it causes loss to your own factory…??

(Children selected option A)

And another secret of this factory: There is powerful energy around the factory which is used by each and every part of the factory and even the main unit can’t work for more than few seconds without it….But that energy was not visible and no one gave it more importance…….if workers are made to realize about this energy it will bring outstanding profits to the factory and the workers and even to the owner of the factory…

Second question is If you where the owner of this factory

A .will you help this energy to get more importance and make workers realize its importance??

  1. just let it go unnoticed and cause heavy loss to the factory???

(Children selected option A)

So now guess the name of the factory, its main unit and energy which can develop the factory…

(Discussion went between me and children…they said different factory names …example car factory, Parle g factory etc and finally one child guessed correctly…..)
Let me tell you the answer…

The factory is none other than “HUMAN BODY.”

It’s the busiest factory…it works continuously throughout the life…We give rest to each and every part of our body but except our mind (brain) which is the most skilled and busy part of the body… even while sleeping we dream and will make our mind to work …but if we give some rest to our mind we actually improve our whole body and ourselves… we as the owner of the factory should give it few minutes rest and it can be done through MEDITATION… 🙂


we all know we cannot   live if we don’t breathe…but we focus less on what goes inside when we breathe and how much oxygen and fresh pure air is important for us…so if we become aware of it we will not pollute air much unnecessarily, plant more trees and will breathe deeply and by this we can stay fit always:)

My pen starts ( :P): “Metaphors hit straight” Anthony Robbins.

Well to sum up, it is simple. Put a break on things, reflect things. Do little things with much more awareness, take rest, be conscious, feel that energy around.

So, here I come to end of the article. Lots of words, and wisdom this time.

I hope you have a great days ahead, and let your life filled with passion and love.

Stay Great,


Karuna Kothari can be contacted at:,mail to her or write to her.


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