The ignored consciousness


Hello followers, how are you? Hope you are doing great. So, what plans for weekend(don’t tell reading my blog :P)? Just kidding. Hey a quick “hip-gip-tip” which has practically(even for me) worked for lot of people.

Try to smile, laugh or atleast stretch your lips wide, before doing any work. It changes the attitude towards work.

So, before going into the complete blog, just give a small smile. Still serious in reading, a smile does work. (Have that come on your face?) Yes!! I can see that. So lets dig into the Wisdom part.

Last week I was flipping into the most profound book, “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Toeller. It was a random book I picked up in the book shop, heard of that book in couple of websites and was strongly recommended by Oprah Winfrey(remember her). It was of spiritual genre.

This is not my first time getting spiritual genre into my hand, and whenever there are words like consciousness, stillness, peace or the words you actually get(may be virtue, self instinct, awareness) I don’t get their meaning and sleep in the middle of the book.

But this Power Of Now has shown me a way to open the door of what the vast spiritual books possess(possess is that the right word)

So, it has started to me in this way,

1.  Focus on your small finger on your left leg. Feel it. Feel its presence. Focus on your attention. Have you felt it. Yes. Now you know, you have felt this finger. Now focus on your left eye, and you have felt your left eye. You feel.

You always have a internal mind chatter, thinking about the coming UEFA league or IPL tournament or your Girl Friend or Boy Friend or the cute little girl in your street or your whole big idea of starting a business or may be anything.

But at particular instant, when I have told you to focus on your small finger in left hand, you tried to feel it and you are only aware of that. That is YOU.

So try feeling your body for while, move your arms and legs. Feel that you are doing it.

So, continuing with my journey, this was my first step I took towards Spirituality(pretty weird, but actually life-changing).

Then the next step was meditating. I had a habit of meditating for ten minutes accurately. Even though when I was meditating my mind used to drift the raft between thoughts. This time when I was meditating I used to feel my body and then it became breathe later.

As I will not say what has happened after mediating because,  you will wait for the result or you will metaphorise what I had. So it’s a suspense, start this way, you will feel miraculous.

I started reading Power of Now, now and then. Starting feeling my body more and more. I was aware of every moment. 

2. Think of blinking your eyes twice, in the next two seconds. Have you done it? Do it again and again. Have you felt that particular two times. It’s only on that particular second. No past and future only that second. This was really marvelous experience. 

Now whenever I read books on spiritual things I feel and get real meaning of Peace and Awareness. Of all my productivity has increased in leaps and bounds. It has been 200%. I focus only on the work in hand now. I plan and think, but I focus only on that particular work. 

So, I can write lot of things, but I will leave this experiment to you. Proceed with the two things. I don’t even recommend you to read Power of Now, because you will be under a illusion that power of Now is only reason. But make your own path(but make it a must read in your life)

Sometimes stillness and peace is all you need to accomplishment the greatest thing in the world(The thought arised when meditating)

See you soon,

Stay great





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