The ‘me’ within me

“A failure always a provides a powerful insight in your life. If you just be at that moment, taking all what is coming, miracles are going to happen.”


Hello followers, how are you? Hope so you are doing good and thinking to do great in your life. 

Hey! forgot to tell, Happy Valentines day in advance. Let’s make a small giggy promise. This time amaze your loved ones for the Valentines day. Make them go out of their minds in amazement and surprise. (Do post me what you did 😉 🙂 )

Finally, it became my destiny to write this post. Was doing a lot of soul search these days. At one moment I was all lost with questions, and was frustrated. But I found what I was, Pretty confused, continue reading…….

So I will be asking you three questions:

  • Have you ever failed in your life, and if, what was that area?(tell the biggest failure)
  • How did you react  to the failure?Like, was it a mix of emotions, say, Despair, Greed, lust or even urgency?
  • Did you try to forget the sadness of failure, or it went that way with time.

Answered this questions, Yes. I hope so. No, I asked to this question only recollect a small memory of your failure, please keep a small thought of this and keep on reading.

“If you are not failing then your not doing.”- Robin Sharma

Having said this quote, what do you feel? I know, “dude this inspirational quotes would be better for student writing his 10th grade exams(which he will never get the meaning) or in a sales seminar, not in life.”

If you have thought this way, give me a virtual  high-five. Yes. Seriously, I amn’t joking. That’s a great omen.

I will tell you a practical truth, regarding this.

“There are umpteen guys, who do not neither fail nor win. They just are.” They may be the first bencher who mugs up and worries everyday or the salesman working in the local store and what all he does is keeping his job, or the uncle near your house who always shouts the kids playing in lawn.”

These people never know the value of authenticity.  They just want to save themselves from day and sleep that night, fearing to wake up early.

I too was that way, but thanks I too had a big failure(I gave bad in my end semester exams, ending with 7.1CGPA with a backlog) one week earlier, which made me think and see people around. I was failure then in front of everybody. Whatever the decision I took, nobody cared. It didn’t even matter me, I slept for long hours, ran out of my hostel, travelled like 1500kms. But found me and I found my business strategy in the journey. I really thank my failure. 

Next time when you have failed, just keep on observing what you are doing when that has happened.

So, friends remember, if you aren’t failing you aren’t doing.

Hope so you have great days ahead.

             wishing big



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