Lets make frustration a good friend


I wanted to share a quick thoughtwith you about something that haslikely caused you to “stumble” a lot
in the past. (maybe even right now?) And that’s… BEING FRUSTRATED.

Now, quite honestly, sometimes I 
wish there was a “frustration” pill
you could take, because naturally
success will drive you absolutely
crazy on many occasions.

In my experience, I haven’t really
found a way around this.  Just being
100% honest.

At some point, EVERYONE is
going to be frustrated out of their
minds, and it’s simply NATURAL
to be that way.

The big distinction here is that most
people are legitimately trying NOT to
be frustrated.  They think success is
about avoiding frustration.  And frankly,
this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Because frustration is a natural part of
GROWING, you can not avoid it.

You will always be learning new things,
always have expectations that don’t get
met, and always be met with challenges
or obstacles you didn’t anticipate.

The key to success is not avoiding frustration,
it’s transforming your relationship WITH

What if frustration wasn’t wrong?

What if frustration was a good sign, because
it shows you are GROWING?

What if frustration is the very catalyst you
need to change to begin with?

What if without frustration… there would
be no progress?

You see, the truth is we are INFINITELY
more frustrated by the “unseen” frustration
then we often are by what’s directly in front
of our face.

We are PAINED to live a life where we 
aren’t fulfilled or met by our J.O.B’s.

We are PAINED to live a life where we
are constantly financially limited & scarcity
dominates our Psyche.

We are PAINED to feel like our lives are
passionless, pointless, or lacking an inherent
“UMPHHH” that makes it fun to be human.

These, and many more are probably the reasons
you started your business in the first place…

… yet when we inevitably meet our “frustration”
head on, it can be quite challenging to handle it
all emotionally.

This is when you CHANGE your relationship
to frustration.  This is when you do the hard work
on yourself that is required to grow.

You work on your beliefs, you work on your
vision, you work on your emotional resilience…

… And you TRANSFORM the relationship to
the thing that frustrates you most.

That is what success is about.  That’s how you
move forward and overcome whatever obstacle
may currently be in your path today.

So… go forward.  Allow it to happen.  Don’t
get stuck in your own way.

Life wants you to live at your fullest potential.
It wants your greatest work, & your greatest
gifts to come forward.  The only thing in the
way is your relationship to frustration.

So do some work on that relationship today,
transform it into something more positive,
& watch how your results change.  🙂


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