Be the character, for what you need

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Hey readers!! Hope you are doing great,(I know you are doing). First of all wishing you a very very happy and merry XMAS. May this bring festive time bring  you happiness, peace and joy(not to mention, even the santa Gifts).. 

OK lets play a game, are you ready? Let’s so who wins?

Ready! Here goes the rules.

  • Read the post till the end.
  • Don’t open the facebook, in between.
  • Dont’ forget to put a comment in.(Like depends on the post)

Have you ever seen any successful people or the extremely creative artist or the performer who mesmerizes you with his simple movements? You may have, I bet. So, here goes the post name, “Be the character, for what you need.”(I guess you might forgot). 

Do you know, Richard Branson was the first man to fly all the way to Atlantic through a Hot Air Balloon. He can be named as one of the creative entrepreneur of the millenium.

Bill Gates is one of the greatest philantrophist existing on this planet.

There are many people, who have achieved greatness, are by the character they take.

Richard Branson, tapped the unexplored market, which made millions into his pocket. He has achieved this thing by, the character he had, when he crossed the Atlantic.

Now you can relate, Bill Gates. It’s simple, give more to get more.

So,  if you want to be the most inspiring man in the world, start changing your character, like…..hmmmm….start giving seminars, never speak negative words,or do a thing which really makes a difference. May you will be an entrepreneur or Nelson Mandela(R.I.P Mandela sir, you always have been my inspiration) of your place.

If you want to be an adventurer, be a sort of a person, who challenges himself everyday, at every second.

And if this thing happens periodically, you will become what you want.

If you are asking me, I want to be the person, who really makes difference in people lives. That makes me have a feeling which is beyond happiness. Sometimes I feel I was born for that. For that I change myself everyday,  every second for what I speak and write. I really suffer for that changing, but I love that suffering. I love doing it. I don’t care being something, but I only care about my character changing. Results automatically  will come. I don’t care about the like, comments of the post, I care only about making my message clear, about making a difference.

Hey!!! buddy, dudette congrats you have won the game, you have come until the end.

Ok just for me give a smile(if you like it post a pic with your smile), then go with changing your character.

Guess you had beginners luck by reading this article. Go with it. For your success always. 

                                                                                                                                                            Yours friendly always



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