What will I feel

Woooohhooo!!!!! friends, I guess there had been notification in your mail and you have checked your mailing list and found my post. You try to read the first few letters, then try to skip the remaining post by, just skimming the details of the post. No this post is going to be interesting, I bet every word will hit your chord right, this is not a promise(which we never keep) but a complete commitment(which we gotta keep).  So enough of this, then grab your excitement.

                                                Have you ever felt this way like when you are too happy suddenly you listen something bad happening around you? Or you pray for God(I am agnostic) for particular thing or mostly to score exceptionally in your exams or some reason like that and exactly something happens, to what you assumed. I guess at one point or other you would have acquainted with this type of situation. Am I right and have I read your mind? It actually happens(happened) with me, not once or twice, it happens(happened) to me every damn time. I cried, got irritated, kicked off things, broke my mobile, hit the walls hard, just go beyond your imagination. Ok you stop there.  Time for a story.

        Then one day I met a stock broker, in a busy time. The stocks were completely fluctuating. People got completely pissed off and there was one man near the cooler and often people came to him. He had a weary smile in his face, every one were with their Mobiles in their hand and making their frantic calls. He was making one call at a time and was relaxed. I don’t know anything about share market(right now I learnt and I am too a player) and I felt him like how a kid feels about superman. He was laughing for every next instant. By his conversations I can understand he was also playing shares, but he was cool. I wanted to strike a conversation with him, desperately, so desperately.

God gave me a chance. I went near the cooler and his pen fell when he was writing and talking on phone. I bent forward to give it back and he smiled at me once again. This was my chance. 

“Thank you.” He told after talk on phone.

“No mention uncle.” I told him. Talk to him. My mind was shouting with him.

“Today its hot na.” He continued.

“Yes uncle and uncle your phone is fantastic. This model is rocking the market.” I sounded youthful.

“Yes, dude. Its over the hook.”He seemed more youthful, and he seemed my type. 

Then I struck a conversation, which we talked  ranging all the topics.  He was occasionally talking to calls and he immediately returned to conversation with me(I am nobody there, where I wasn’t the guy to be cared). He was passionate with every word he sounded.

Then I asked the one question that I wanted,” Uncle how you are this cool?”

Routine answer, “I am just like that.” He replied. I get the same damn answer from every body and I told the same thing to him. 

He gave me a big smile and put an arm around me and pulled me close. “You are one heck of kind”(I don’t know why he told that)

Dude, do you know when I face a big problem, do you know what I do, I just commit the worst to happen and then start taking action. When I commit of doing something I just do it.”

“It’s that simple.”

“Then I took his number and he has a big home, a happy family and superb kids and off all his beautiful Audi car.

The story is done. I don’t know how many times the conversation went in my mind. I got all my answers.

Commit to the worst, the best will happen. The very best always happens.



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