What happens after watching Sandeep Maheshwari Video

“I feel good,pa pa pa. I feel good pa pa pa.” I was humming this song after watching the “The Last Life Changing Seminar” on one sunday. I felt seriously great, I felt like I can bring the sky down and launch the land up. I even cried at the final moment of the last part of the seminar.

This article is seriously genuine and I wrote it all from heart and of all what I felt, so please don’t get bored, it has some amazing answers.

Ohk coming back to the point, then the next day after watching the video was Monday. I went to college and surrounded by all sorts of people. I don’t know why, but I felt great on that day. I was so energetic with friends. Then I heard these voices in and around,

“What happens to our future after our Engineering?”

“Dude what was your GPA last year?”

“Will you ask her for a date, if she doesn’t accept?”

Ohk the questions went in this way. For the first one I Seriously said “AASAN HAI”. Did problems went away. No. Actually, No. Then this two questions pounded in my mind, which really changed my life,

1. I watched the seminar, my life is meant to change, but why didn’t change? It is same as it is.

2.Millions of people have watched and what have they done?

And lot of thinking went in my mind.

This is what I did, I immediately downloaded “the life changing seminar” video into my mobile and watched in loop. I played it over and over. Sometimes I would be sleeping, but video would be still playing in video.

Sometimes really tough situations would come in front me, even though I didn’t have solution to that problem or way to solve the problem and even though I felt the situation is to grave, I would say “AASAN HAI”

This word, is not that easy to say,(may be you would have known by now, courage is required to tell it.) . You would have told Aasan hai then you should do that work and then is where you start working, a path gets created.

Then I faced all the odds that came infront of me.

->I had a 68%, I did my project in ISRO.

->I got my GRE score of 310.

->I got job in GHS

->I got my PG in Manipal University.

->My video has been selected for a day with “Sandeep Maheshwari”(I didn’t attend because of my mom’s ill health)

At point I feel like living my dream.

I know what are you thinking, seriously I bet. For you the thing I told seemed to you like a Cosmetic Ad. Before using this it was like this and then it changed. No that thing didn’t happen.

I just followed the instruction, taking the decision. It is damn important step. Take a decision, seriously take a decision, and you know you will deviate from your decision millions of times. But don’t give up, give respect to your decision.

“Joh Loser woh ek baar girega, aur waapas stretcher pe Pavilion chala jayega. Aur doosra taraf winner joh hai, woh ek baar nahi hazaar bar girne ke wazood bhi, das second ke se kam me bhi hi bholega MAIN KHALEGA, MAIN KHALEGA’

I seriously memorised it.

Even right now,when I am writing this I am in grave situation, my face down to earth(got a score 20 out of 50 in manipal GPA my business plan has been rejected by MUTBI and Other venture Capitalist,its enough). But, I can still proudly and loudly say, “MAIN KHALEGA, MAIN KHALEGA.”

I amn’t just saying and all the things I have done, I have learnt from failing and everything I have done I have done it big. Because I think big is “AASAN HAI”. In future I will definitely do big by failing, but doing bis is AASAN HAI. Each time is a new problem, and it doesn’t as it happens. Assume, what happens if there are no challenges in life? It would be like HELL. Its better to get into the world which is with lot of difficulties and more horrible than hell, then face those problems. Solve them or achieve them, look back and raise your fist and do a mini gig, that is what life is. I have seen the feeling, I want that some millions of times in my life.

So finally two words to remember before you finish this article. Decision, courage and persistence. Simple. AASAN hai

with Inspiration



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