Yes the situation is grave, but I found it inspiring

ImageHowdy, friends. Hope you are doing to great. I hope(believe) all  of you are bathing with joy and exuding all the passion you got. So, yes today I  am striking with a brilliant post. Generally I write all the real stuff I feel and I write it imagining to you get it in your situation. This article took me, 79 hours of disaster, messy, menacing, grief and pain to write. But here I put this life changing paradigm naked and straight.

                                 Fasten your seat belts and get your mind free. Imagine the things that happened as a scene in your mind. So as I told I am in my dream college, enjoying. I enjoyed a lot and the exam thing completely stuffed in my mind. I got five days to prepare for my exams and my messy room adds an additional sucking beat to my heart. I feel nostalgic as I was back about home and I very often found myself empty, isolated and alone. Then it was exam on Monday and I was getting ready on Sunday. The preparation was not going really great. I got distracted almost all thee time and was iterating to normal almost millions of times. Then a big bam of news dropped from my Dad.

“Chaitu,  your grand pa is dead.”

I couldn’t believe myself, mind went blank and I couldn’t go home. I was thinking something bad. I felt as if some one stamped me hard. It felt like someone hardwired my life wrong. I cried and I dont want to cry. I couldn’t go home, as they were no transport facilities. Then I thought of myself, like this, “I post inspiring articles and say not to worry. Face the fears and here I am facing the fear. It’s all in the words.”

But somewhere my mind hit me,  you are strong, you can do it and I alligned myself situations. Did situations go good?

No it went the worst again, I almost gave my  worst in my internals. I forgot my umbrella and drenched myself in rain. It was worst part. Still I accepted reality and focussed to stay inspiring. It doesn’t feel that I am doing good. I was trying to feel myself better, but  no it was not going great.

So here I am now, and still the situations aren’t good,but I am doing good and keep up my smile. I feel good about myself and even though I got badly rewired tomorrow, I am gonna align myself and stay feeling up once again. A great lesson. So it is the only practical situation and be sure you give a proper look up. Dont take something bad as the thing that doesn’t suits you.

And the sting words for today, “Find life in bad situations and you will find heaven in great situations.”

Hope you got a paradigm shift, it’s not a mystical movie to give you goose bumps, but this is life. It is mystery,  but it is so simple and all the answers are with us. Try to follow other posts in my blog. 

                    With hope and happiness(and a little smile before closing) 




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