What you choose everyday makes you

Howdy! guys. Today I will take you on a new ride with my words. So sit back, hold on your seat, concentrate on the words and get one the ride, wear your seat belt(cut your distractions like facebook and phone of the hook). Are you ready? So, let’s begin.  

                Have you read about Anthony Robbins? Have you read about Gandhiji and have you read about the Dominos guy? I am  sure about Anthony Robbins and Gandhiji. The point I wanted to make, is they started from the modest, to be frank from the steep point low. They have made miracles from the low point level. What happened with them? Have you ever thought like that? I bet you have and so you are here in this blog.</p><p>So, now I am going to tell the secret behind this great happening. It is one simple thing, choice. (Do you know something, the first five minutes before you wake up decides what you do?) They wake up everyday and make their choice according to what they want, what their passion is. They seized every possible opportunity they had, say it big or small, feary or fury, they caught it and made miracles. So, it’s up to you. The roller coaster ride is over and carry this excitement of catching everything out.

Go and smile at the very first person you meet, choose to drink coffee in star bucks and make some consecutive stream of good choices. I want to be the best blog writer and I have chosen  to write this blog, to all my awesome beautiful readers. So will be with a new choice of awesome post. Chetan running out to search new. Good bye. 


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