Sometimes you gotto to choose to lose


“Stop this crap, ” “I Was born to win.” “I am a superman.” “I can achieve anything in the world.” If you are following this blog from the beginning, the title of the post is completely contradictory, to what I really intend to tell. But one point, I want to make sure is that, I am right about what I told, “Sometimes you gotta choose to lose.

Am I a pessimist or democratic dumblebee to disappoint you? And I hope many thoughts are going around your mind. I will give the detailed brief of what I mean. But before you go further, remember these lines and go further. “Play to win not to loose. If you loose, then don’t stop until you win.”

So, I want to give you a thought, about the things you are complaining. Is it the neighbour around you, or you have problem to wake up early(I am also one of the victim.) or there is some problem that you are going to face in the future. Now you have  listed some of the problems and see the problems that you can take control. I bet, you don’t have any problem that you can solve it in flick. No I bet it. Suppose if it is girlfriend, you can’t call her all way, or if you have the hard-crack client to face. You can’t solve it in a flick, right. Now accept the problem and commit to worst. Let your girlfriend dump you and the client sue for million dollars. Feel the depression, break the glass near your door and do a little dance or jig.

Now start taking the possible decision to cope with the problem. This was a valuable lesson I learnt from life. I will tell you a story of an idiot(it’s me). I had kept a goal to wake up early and go for 2k around my campus . The first day was fantastic and second day was awe-inspiring. I became such moved, that I  even tried to figure out an inspiration to write a novel(which is the most difficult task I love.) Then as always came the third day, (“come lets take a break for this day”) and it ended up with fourth, fifth, sixth…and went on. 

I became so irritated problem. I decided to wake up early everyday and set an alarm but ended up sleeping. I got rid of and one day  I decided I will never wake up early in my life. I slept and I had nightmares about waking up late, that night and I woke up early at 5.30 in the morning and ran. From that day(it’s been month) I have never missed a single day jog. I wanted this. 

Life is all  about experimenting, go try this and I am expecting comments.


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