Take it to next level, or get tired


If you have started continue reading, please don’t stop. Nothing happens. I mean you wont regret for this two minutes. You can go with it. So, I am back once again with my words that digs my deep soul, and at least hit your mind with a positive feeling. That is my contribution to you. As I promised this information will always be of free of cost. You can share, it. (If possible mention my name, am a aspiring writer 🙂 )

So, let’s get me through about what has hit my mind. I will start like this….

So, right now, if you are asking me I am leaving my dream, studying in the university I wanted, started the company always, I dreamed off(let’s not talk about the revenue for while). I bet some people are in these state. I am little bit confusing you, am I?(Yes I am). So two straight words for you and what I intend to tell:

1.What you are having right now, may be the knowledge, the life you are having,or if your girl friend are the things  you wanted in the past.

2.Make sure, you take decisions not by consequences but by your true self. Inspect,  go deep and be non judgmental all the time.

3.Make sure you read the two points once again, again and again until you get the true sense.

So,  you are expecting me to give an explanation to these two points. Actually I don’t want to. Please give a thinking, it’s worth it. It has made miracles in my life. You are thinking, a bit….hold on bit. If you want to really think, close your laptop, hook the phone of, take a scratch pad and just scribble it. I want to know what you think. 

1.What you really want in your life?(and yes please dont say Kirsten Stewart and Aston Martin) go deep. So here are my answers after I had done soul searching

  • I want my life, where I do great things, just thump that I have done it. I don’t tell it to anybody. I would be laughing within me.
  • I have contributed to the world with what I have got.
  • I reach a state, where I am doing the things that I am passionate things and searching new things.
  • Living life.

So list yours. I mean do it right now, at this moment,  find out what you want and in future you are gonna get it. I bet. 

So, let me put an end to this blog with a powerful quote, “You are what, your decisions are.” Even taking this quote is also a decision.

So here is it, typing my few friends, good bye stay tuned for next articleImage



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