There’s no something like nothing


You are waiting for a big gift to fall from the sky, or a girl from your local asking you a date. Ohk coming to matter and if  you are waiting for a seminar to change your life, please stop waiting. It’s not gonna happen. Wooh! I am not telling, to stop going to seminars and you will definitely need all seminars, but it takes action and lot of struggle. My hero, my life changer has posted this particular post to give a hype to what actually in his words. Brian takes it this way.


There is an expectation in the personal growth industry placed on consistently making positive changes. The promise is that over time as we do our work, we continuously “get better” (whatever“better”means). What often isn’t addressed is that our learning and growth isn’t linear. It’s not a straight shot from an “aha”moment to being totally transformed. Please don’t torture yourself by buying into the misunderstanding that your growth needs to be straight up. That’s a lot of pressure – and also not possible. Growth is more fluid. And over time the lows (or perceived backtracking) become shorter in duration and the time in between them becomes longer.


Sometimes the best way we learn is when we take a few steps that feel backwards. Often when we have a big “aha,” the Universe will then bring us a situation that feels similar to past experiences. Often people get frustrated and think, “This again? I thought I learned this already!” That may be accurate; you may have learned the lesson and now the Universe is bringing you an amazing opportunity to practice the learning so that you can fully integrate it.


If you feel like you are backtracking, rest assured you are not flunking life. Your so-called issues and programmed responses got implemented decades ago so it may take some time before you totally shift something. If you find yourself slipping into old habits, reactions, behaviors or choices that you thought were behind you, cut yourself some slack and keep going!!   




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