Create your own conclusion

Good morning, “Yepppers”. How are you doing? I hope you are doing fantastic, and always expect you do that. So please go on reading, this post. This one gives you an answer to a lot of questions.

This incident happened to me two months back. I was with some of my friends last week. A big quarrel happened amongst two of my friends. This was the conversation that happened between my friends.(ya! I was on the side of “stop fighting guys.”)

“YOU)(&)(&^$^^&& get the hell out of here.” One said.(He may be reading this post)

“I was here first, and hold on your tongue.” The other one said.

“You )(&*^*^(*^(^*, tongue, )(&)&( your )(&)(.” he said.

“Man, I am gonna kill him if he uses ^$*&&%* once again.” other one said again.

We became center of attraction for people in Dominos, and if anything more happened the people from the office would throw us out. It’s gonna happen for sure.

We finally came out(not thrown out :P) and I was with the friend, who used lot of censored words.

“Man I’m gonna fu***ing kill him.” he said.

“Dude,control your anger. See your head, already I can see one acre bare land.” I was trying to make him think.

I started about giving him all the things that are required to control the anger and even told the consequences of getting anger. The day he got convinced about what I told and even dared to swear me too.

As the days went by, he was the same^%*&%* boy once again. I often saw him quarrel and bully with people. I was disheartened by core, that I failed to make a change.  

One day, I got a chance to go to his house and met the people around him. He resonated as the the people were in his house. His father was angry with his mother and his mother viz. 

“Dude, it often happens and it’s a weekly ritual.” he said. I highlighted the word ritual in my mind.

“Man, I am sorry. ” I told.

I made a conclusion that, definitely surroundings make people. I really began thinking a lot about these things. I felt a lot of gratitude towards my mom and dad for upbringing me with a lot better attitude.(dad and mama….ummmmaah)

Not until one day, my friend(an ex-colonel general) gave me a book, “Up from Slavery.”, when I was in tough phase of my life. 

I was moved by Booker.T.Washington’s story. Imagine a lad, who grew up in that rages, would become. I became aware and yes my conclusion was wrong.

“Consequences never make people, but interpretation from the consequences make people.”

Recently I read something like this.

“Sir we are surrounded by all directions.”

“Hurrah, so we can fire in all directions.”

Yes, it matters. I am gonna ask you, today. 

How are you gonna interpret today ups and downs?

Are you still complaining?

This sentence of my own mind has changed me to a lot of extent. “Without sabotaging and becoming complacent interpret the consequence of every situation into the lushier side. Life’s gonna open for you. Miracles gonna happen. I bet a blank paper with my sign on it.”

If you have read this post, up to the end, it is a positive omen too. You meant too read this post.

Hope you dream big. Chaitu always at your service.


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