What you want?


You will be in Dominos near your town or city with your friends and you will be saying, “Dude, I want a day, where I can pay all the bill with no pain in your heart.”

Sometimes, you will be in temple or church or a big power(if you are atheist or agnostic) and will be praying,” God,please give me Kirsten Stewart or Hanna Montana as my girl friend or Aston martin in your garage.”

Even sometimes, “Man, having that thing or this, it will be  bliss.” 

So if you are in any one of this, Please come out of this. I am telling you run away from this zone. Don’t wish desire, pray or ask. The point is expect things. Please expect things.

Bit strange and you want to find me hit me right. Please, I will say something where you can get Million dollars or Aston Martin or even Kirsten Stewart(if Robert Pattinson is out).

So, don’t expect things or people in your expectations. A powerful quote, if you ask things they are just words, if you ask some progress in your life, then it happens.

So go with it,

1. Expect that, I want to give my best services to all the people. Literally every one in my country(you will be millionaire)

2. Try to be friendly people with all the people. Smile at every one. (you will be ready to pay the bill with ease)

Got it. 


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