Tonnes of action..


I expect comments please, just don’t like it. Comments and your action is required


Yesterday, I was awake all the night and read “Think and Grow Rich”. If you didn’t read this book, I strongly recommend(order, if you feel me as friend) to read this awesome book. 

The first word begins as, “Thought are things and are everything.” When the thoughts are mixed with “persistence, purpose and a burning desire can turn the dreams into physical reality.’

Definitely good thoughts are required, but they are to be supported by three qualities.

Purpose:Why you want to do it? (emotion)

Persistence: How you love it?(commitment)

Burning Desire:How desperately you want it?(burning the stake of your future for this thing)

So when you are doing anythings, check you are in Unison with these three things you are doing, you are on right path.

You know often miss this pattern(even I miss, if not me even Einstein and Edison miss them). What should you do?  It’s the heading….take tonnes of action.

Ancient principle of arrow tells, aim, ready, fire. If you are lazy(like me) sort out them a little bit. 

It’s fire, aim, ready. Take action, fail then reconsider a bit. I bet, it will work for you. So right now, decide of drinking of water, then scratch your head. Do it and practice the pattern. It will work out. I definitely bet, it will work out. So tomorrow I will do three seminars.

Please I expect comments 

Please I expect comments….please. Don’t like




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