Are You happy????


I believe that happiness is not taught, it is recognized.” – Dr. Robert Holden

We all have the innate ability to experience joy – it is our divine nature. For some, happiness is buried deeper than others. Some of us were born with our happiness buried in light sand – easy to find and keep. Some are born with better tools to dig through any material to achieve happiness. Yet for many, happiness is buried deep in dense and heavy clay that is tough to get through…but not impossible.

Happiness can be buried deep by pain, insecurity, loneliness, self-loathing, ego, a difficult childhood, stress, or learned behaviors and thought patterns.

Starting today, you can unearth your joy and live with happiness now, despite your circumstances.

What makes people happy is unique to each person. The key is to create a life that brings you as much joy as possible and to remove barriers that have been built around your God-given ability to live with joy.

Happiness is innate, genetic, and learned. Numerous studies have shown that we are each born with a unique range of happiness, with genetics influencing up to 50% of our ability to feel happy.

Didn’t we know this intuitively? Some of us have an easy time finding joy…while some of us have to work harder and dig deeper for our joy.

Be assured that your genetic make-up does not define your happiness destiny. The amazing thing is that the happiness genes appear to be changeable, meaning with life factors such as a supportive family, nurturing and loving relationships, purpose, exercise, etc. can help a person overcome their genetic pre-dispositions to unhappiness.

Here’s to creating a life that supports your happiness and fosters peace and joy!


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