Kid and Teen inspire goes live


So, I told in the about column of kid and teen inspire that it will be going live and it went For the third time(but this is big with one hundred plus students, I will definitely limit this number.) It was a big-bang event for me. I was shouting, playing and making them learn(I learnt in most cases). In the seminar I delivered about

  • Importance of enthusiasm
  • How to eliminate negative faith.
  • Differentiation between faith and belief.
  • Peak performance techniques.

So nothing complicated, everything simple, simple. No molecular biology and rocket science(I will upload edited videos, you can actually see the simplicity.). Everything so low. 

                  One boy asked me for an autograph, I was embrased(seriously). At one moment I was shouting, I found my passion. So we are ready to do seminars on these topics for anybody. We have a disclaimer to. In any case or whatever may be the time, I don’t take a single penny from anyone. I am definitely a kid(20 years 330 days of age). So no critics will be allowed and no complicated things will be told.

  P.S:- We will also do this event online. I bet



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