It’s your decision…..still


Decision. Is it a noun or verb. Is it noun? You got good English. So today I have taken a “Decision” to write a post on “DECISION”. It’s your decision to continue reading this “Decisive”(it’s adjective) post.

If you reading, you have decided to continue to read this post. Remember once you take a decision, you have to stick to it. Seriously. A great decision from you. Enough ado. So how many thoughts do you get on daily basis? How many are questions, how many are assertions, how many are judgments and how many are decisions. Thinking……Go on. Ok so please don’t over analyse, I will tell you. 

So what all he is talking about?(is he mad?)Questions

It’s kind of “give a thinking post.”(Assertion made)

He’s sort of practical guy. (I know you are scolding, :P)

Am I right? Even though I am may not be right, but you would definitely making any three of these. It’s fine in my case, but what in life.

You just question everyone, “Why I am here?”, read a lot of self improvement books. But you desperately seem nothing happening in your life. I am not suggesting to stop reading self improvement books or question for your destiny. But I am telling you is just decide and don’t withdraw yourself from decision.

Most of the worries, problems are due to indecision and they stagnate. If you are not performing big in your life, decide right now to be big, if you are under tyranny in relationships go talk to him/her. Whatever you want just decide. 

If you take a decision, most of the complicated things get solutions.

Right now, think of what you want…..errrr..what you actually and desperately want. If you have decided, the world is yours.

If you have taken a decision, then you owe me a party. Even this is your decision.

“Life is  not a serious of chances, but choices. You shouldn’t decipher life but decide life.”


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