YOU WILL READ THIS POST TILL THE END(no it’s not a command)


So you clicked the random link or surfing you net for something random thing or somehow you got to this post. Thank you. I bet this is not a sort of business scheme or some pass on gussy bussy. 


               Today I decided of writing a story with strange names, no verboses and prosaical treatises, one simple story of great man, a river and a wanna be great name.


So once upon time, if you believed, there was a man called TORTP(pretty strange name). He used to live in a democratic country. In his country there existed a secret river called HEP(You can still continue reading). It was a belief that the man who swam through this river will do their best and reach their soul purpose in their lives. Many tried to take this feat, but less, they failed. But there was a man  in that democratic country, called TSO. He achieved this feat. Many people asked how he achieved this feat. He simply replied “HEP flows in me.” TORTP always finds difficult to understand TSO’s words. The media and the society made TSO words a taboo.


“HOW DOES HEP FLOW THROUGH HIM?” He used to question himself.


Everyday TORTP walks along the banks of HEP, but never guts to dive in the river. 


So now I will give an abrupt and strange ending to the story. I have a reason you will get it.


TORTP jumps into HEP and becomes TSO. Story ends and begins once again like, “Once upon a time…..”


Strange story write,


SO here it is TORTP(The One Reading This Post), TSO(The successful One), HEP(Happiness Enthusiasm Passion). So you the The One Reading This Post, Jump into Happiness, Passion, Enthusiasm and become The Successful One. Simple story, and a metaphor for you. Hope so you loved the post, and expect some comments.

“People still tend to believe that eternity lies in complicated things, but it is so simple.” Krishna in Bhagavadgita



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