Giving is Heaven Once there lived two farmers in

Giving is Heaven

Once there lived two farmers in a village. They both did agriculture for their livelihood. They both included the same family members, the same type of house, same amount of children,and same self instinct too. Yes, often people exist like this too, but one farmer had different quality which the other farmer didn’t possess, that is…………..You want to know the quality..then read the story,  it is quite fascinating. Then keep on reading….
    As the time persisted both the farmers died and they were presented before the god for judgment. 
They both were given chances to speak…
“God, I  was given miserable life, most of time I found spending on working hard, most of money I got went in running family, getting expenses done and paying taxes(good for nothing.) Most of the time the money I got was more like an arrow and but not boomerang, my sons left me after marriage, my wife she does is  always yells at me, to make my life hell. It was miserable.” The farmer ended his endless anguish.
“Ok, son I have decided to give you another chance to enjoy your life in the world. Before that I would like to give you a chance and you may also consider it as a question or choice.”
“Ok.” the farmer said.
“What kind of life do you want in your another chance I am giving.” God asked with a smile in his face and was enthusiastic.
“God, I want a life such that money should come to me like a boomerang and I should be free from relationships and stop paying taxes to government. My life should me carefree, demotionless and simple.” He completed with a sense of greed in his eyes.
“Ok, your wish is granted.” God said with dissatisfaction, but with a smile on.
Now the turn comes for the second farmer…
“So how was your life like, my son.”
“God I had a beautiful life and I had pleasure of making for the food. Money was only a basic need for me. It was good with me, and my family I love my family. My family always yells me, but internally she has a lot of love. My sons they are still kids, and they help connect to my childness.” he had a smile.”The government was fare because it did my help and I was in helpless situation, but their were some petty issues, just ignored and what a life it was god.”
“Was it so?” God now was proud in his smile to see his beautiful creation.
“I grant you another life, and what type of life you want, my son?’ God was enthusiastic.
“God you are the best decider and creator, I am going to take anything you give, but in my previous I am found helpless people who came to my doorstep and asked me to help. But I was in helpless situation. In my next life I don’t want to come in this situation.”
“Ok,  son your wish is granted.
The farmer went away and god was crying with happiness and was humble in his pride.
Guess what happened…..
The farmer who asked money as boomerang and free from taxes and relationships ended up as beggar, only money was coming, but not going.
The farmer who said he was happy with everything and wanted to people who were in help ended up being the richest man in the city….


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