Leadership and Victimship

 If you just want to read my posts, then please skip it. I write my posts not to increase the stats of my site or pat my ego or to express something. But my sole aim is to question my consciousness and make you think. It’s my passion, I write it with my whole blood in posts.  So are you thinking…..pretty please think about the post.

Ok, so you have wired your brain to read the post and to think further. Yep. I have a question for you? 

Are you a leader or Victim? Pretty please think %)

Ok, got your answer, if your answer is, “I am a leader.” and if your answer is so loud then bingo. If you haven’t then pretty please by heart this rules from this link, http://www.robinsharmaarticles.com/. By heart and write it in your homework book 😛

Was I pretty heard? Yes, I was. Why I was? 

The first step of being a leader is to tell it loud that, “I am a leader.” If you say so, “welcome to the leadership group.”

Oh yeah, I guess you are shouting, “I am leader”, ohhhhh, please you can shout twice and stop it. You are not gonna become a leader by just affirmations(it’s a right word in this appropriate place.)

The second step, is you don’t need a title. You don’t need to be a CEO, Lawyer or engineer or President states of USA. 

Then how can I? Take charge of situations from today. Don’t play role of audience, you are the drameebaaz today. If you have failed to work your best, go do your best. If you are don’t like your work quit it, if you hate your body, go run for exercise. Start taking, actions. LITERALLY PRACTICE TAKING ACTIONS. Program your mind to take actions.

Third one,it’s simple you can think it right now. “What are the five things you can do in consistent  periods, that it makes your life miracle.” Think about it and make a list. If you haven’t, then go grab your pen and journal. Jot them down and paste in front of your mirror. 

Now, if you have done all of them. Did you do it? Then comment. So, “welcome to the world, new leader.” You feel transformed right


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