Every moment it is time to think about doing big things again


Genpo Roshi has a great line about the fact that we need to tear down the temple walls and see the whole world as our monastery/church/synagogue/yoga studio/dojo/meditation center/philosophy class/ whatever as we see every moment as another opportunity to practice our spirituality.
     LOVE. THAT.
     And, for whatever reason, whenever I think of this idea I remember my dad (God bless you, Popsicle!) yelling at slow drivers on the way out of our church’s parking lot. Even as a kid that always struck me as odd.
     These days it’s becoming more and more clear to me just how easy it is to check the “Check me out, I’m spiritual!” box by showing up for our required # of yoga classes/sitting for our required # of meditation minutes/going to our weekly Holy Day service/[insert-your-“spiritual”-activity-here] and then being a total butthead the rest of the week. Huh? Makes no sense.
     Here’s to tearing down the temple walls and seeing our entire lives as the practice.


      1. Yes, of course 🙂 I am not claiming you didn’t. Whatever motivated you to link my post in conjunction, I am very taken aback, but will nevertheless edit my reblog to clarify the matter.

      2. yes, I really loved your post. But sorry I didn;t mean in that way. Anyways it was nice talking to awesome people like you villiorvokki…….it’s very nice….

      3. No it’s fine, really. I don’t like to upset people or come across as if I am stealing your thunder 😀 This is the challenge of (written) communication with people we don’t know, the old “how are my words going to be interpreted” conundrum… In any case, peace and love and understanding, that’s what I’m about 🙂

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