Por que não dou entrevistas?(A little bit portugese today)


No, I am not boring you and making you use Google translate. So here is what Paulo Coelho, mean to tell. So here goes the post.

As you have noticed, time does not give interviews when i publish a new book. And It Should not, in any way, to an attitude of arrogance and disrespect to journalists. Along with booksellers and readers, They contributed a lot to my success.

So why I Decided to stop interviews – except for some friends, who have ties of gratitude? 
There are several Reasons for this.

1] social communities today allow me to get directly to the reader, and say “here’s my new title, read and recommend if you like.” Therefore, the idea of Promoting a book through the media ends up being redundant.

2] ever needed to fight the idea of explaining what I wrote. I think the text Should be clear enough.

3] the contract culture, Which flourished in my time, ended ending. The most recent loss was the Illustrious, the Folha de São Paulo.

4] because of this, questions Arise que have the patience to answer, such as “Explain your success” or “what do with your money.” Anything that is related to the creative process itself.

This does not in any way say NEVER give interviews. 
When I see an issue I consider important que opine – as, for example, defend the free content on the internet (Pirateiem everything I wrote) – I’m always accessible.

The Same is true When It Comes To Promoting authors que I think relevant – such as Khalil Gibranor Malba Tahan , who brightened my youth. never I swipe to get my word is heard when i see some barbarity in the political or cultural.

Just so you have an idea, half a billion people around the world read my text against the war in Iraq,
Another example: when Tony Blair was invited to be a “consultant” to the Olympics in Rio, I immediately expresso , and managed to Prevent Their presence. 

Expect me to understand. I will not be quiet When You need to talk in a loud tone. resto, I need to say today is in the books or in the social communities que administer personally.


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