Courage, fear, optimism in COCKTAIL


I was standing on the edge of the ramp and I was ready for the bungee jump. I thought of it every morning and dreamed of it every night(it’s a filmy line, I borrowed it). So anyways, back to scene. I was standing on the edge of the ramp. Small air was blushing through me. I held my position strong . My body was trembling, when I walked to the edge of the ramp. It’s quite of shaking. It swung up and down. Every moment was a deadly scare to me. Fear ran through each and every nerve and fiber from my body.  I just dismissed from the ramp back carefully. I just removed all the thread, helmet from me. 

                              My mom and dad were happy. They just felt that What I did was right. I too felt that I was right. I convinced myself that I was right A woman who was next after me did jump and was cheering like anything. I saw her, but for many obvious reasons I felt jealous of her.(Seriously, I felt like that. But right now she is my friend in Facebook).  I along with my parents walked to a hotel and started drinking coffee. I don’t know why, but my parents showed a lot of caring to me. It felt good. But somewhere in my heart I was missing something.  I was talking to my heart and the conversation went this way.

“So you are not doing it?”

“No way, did you see the height 80 feet.!!!”


“Then, what.”

“Did you remember how many times, you had dreams about bungee jump.”

No answer from me to my heart.

“Did you see the woman? see how she is happy.”

I saw her, cheering, blushing and living the moment.

I got an immediate smile in face.

“So, I should go?” I asked my heart.

“Did you know you always ask questions to you heart. Don’t ask it(heart is masculine or feminine) follow it. Because it is you in you, you idiot.”

“Ok, I am going.”

“I am happy that you don’t end in trifling tyranny.”

So I got up and explained my parents that I was going. They felt weird and uncomfortable.

But, my heart won the war, I am his slave. I have to just take his commands. 

I just walked towards the place where there  is bungee going on. Every moment I tried to ask questions, my heart literally warned me not to do.

I went to ramp, just felt the air. The instructor over there said, one, two, three.

Thud I was jumping, I was in the air. Suddenly after two seconds, my leg felt a strong thump. I was swinging up and down. 

This time I was screaming, screaming like hell with joy and passion combined.

They pulled me up and the woman(The woman I saw her first time) got up and shaked my hand.

I was jumping, jumping. I felt mad. But I was happy. My parents saw me and they too felt happy. 

I came home and wrote two quotes in my journal:

“Always, always,always,always,always,always do the thing you fear off.” Emerson

Decide the choices upon your heart, not by happiness, joy, fear or guilt.” This time this quote is by me.

So you got what fear and courage is. So I want you to write down the things you fear of. If you have written, then differentiate what you want to do, but you fear off and what you can do in regular basis to eliminate fear  off.

I over came this way, so now it’s your turn.

P.S-If you haven’t done this exercise then you are still afraid to write your fear. So this will be step. If you have written then, “Leonidas, hail of victory.





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