So do you want to criticize or lecture some one(go on after reading this post)


Fingers & Lectures( Weird title after title)

     Please extend your pointer finger and shake it as if you’re lecturing someone—saying something like, “You shouldn’t do this, this and this! Do that, that and that!”
     Thank you.
     Now, look at your hand and count how many fingers are pointing at the person you’re lecturing and how many fingers are pointing back at you.
     Unless you’re missing a digit, you should see one finger pointing at the lucky recipient of your wrath and THREE fingers pointing back at you.
     You may want to pay attention to that the next time you’re lecturing someone.
     It’s a really handy way to notice our “shadow”—the stuff we haven’t integrated in our own lives that, unfortunately, we tend to project onto others.
     Debbie Ford encourages us to “ATTEND YOUR OWN LECTURES” because, more often than not, whatever lecture we’re giving someone else is the one WE desperately need to attend.
      Try this on: The next time you start telling someone all the things you think they need to start doing more of or less of or whatever, imagine you’re a student diligently taking notes on the lecture you’re giving.
     You might just find that the lecture you’re giving *them* is what YOU most need to hear!
    It’s even better, you cut of your three fingers and then start lecturing. Deal done. (please don’t tell that you will stand on a stool and bend your hand down and show your three fingers up. You will be blaming god.)
No. You are saying no. Yes I know you will. Bit I have to agree with you, sometimes you have to lecture people.
But take out the word,  “lecture” and fire the word “Inspire” or “set an example”. 
Gandhiji said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” So set an example, or inspire your living. If you lecture, it’s gonna end up in tyranny. 
P.S:-Sometimes you have to desperately point out a particular person. When you want to point out that person, do a little praising for him. It’s simple. 
You want guarantee,,,,,aaaah…using Flipkart a lot these days. So, ok show me a man who doesn’t want to feel important about himself. Got it.
Then making a full stop to this post. Feeling happy. Make a smile after you read this post, if you are a girl, no kisses please….:P(just joking)



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