Real Education

“I don’t believe in an education that is intrigued with pile of papers and hierarchy of facts.” Booker.T.Washington
Study the quote very clearly, please re-read it. Have you done. No. Want to read further. Please do re-read it. hmm……………

I guess you have done it. So this is I wanted to tell, arrow towards the target. 
Self-education is one of the best way to gain knowledge. It’s better to work in an electronics company, instead of taking a course in embedded systems. It’s better to read three or four novels instead of taking up a course in writing. It’s better to watch, English movies rather take up an English speaking course(I saw a hoarding, when I was coming home. English in thirty days, our money-back guarantee.) It’s better to get pragmatic guys. If you want to learn Java, C and C++ learn yourself with your computer it is easy. Where did Zuckerberg learn HTML,  from NIIT or JIT technologies? 
Finally, what I intend is to don’t go behind quick fixes for any special skill. There is no thing like something for nothing. I hope you read this post once again. I wrote this post with all my heart and soul in it.


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