Life’s darkest times

Life’s darkest times, booooh….the word itself remains something scary and couthy.(I guess right now you are imagining something bad that had happened in your life or some sting pain or fear in your heart. I know it) 

So you could do me a favor, by just visualising the events I have told you(you are the actor)

  • So You wake up the time you want and you can eat whatever you eat.
  • You can browse internet whenever you want, and close when you want.
  • You just clap a thing or have a genie which can do anything for you.

So hang on a bit, come back to normal. So if I asked you to comment you would be probably telling, “wooh, it feels like heaven.” ‘Thanks chaitu for this awesome thought(you may be scolding at the end of post for providing this thought. I bet.) 

Have you learned how to cycle or drive a bike or learn to ferry a boat, or learn to post something in wordpress. How was you experience then. At first stance you felt low and then at some situation when you are actually coping with any of them. Once you have mastered them you are actually in bliss. Right. I see you smile, when you get that image(Even I am blushing, I am thinking about the way I learned piano. Please tell me the incident you thought off.) Life’s dark times are to be learned like that. Actually there are no things like bad experiences in life. They are just experiences and lessons you need to be learned. 

    Are you suffering from.loss of a loved ones,  or you have failed in some course of your life and regretting. Don’t worry. Life’s out waiting for you. A small secret that will work out miracles for you, “there’s no thing like last chance in your life”, it is all about persisting.” So yes go run out, if you are facing the worst, don’t worry lift the cycle the peddle up balance fall down then raise and then fall down. So finally you are on bliss. It will be more happy than having a genie .


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