Just Dream

ImageHowdy!!! So I guess you are out of your social pages and made up your mind to focus on reading some articles, you find my random article in nowhere blog. So you just try to skim my page, now you get you whip and start reading each and every word carefully. So I hope you read like that, and continue with the remaining….

So what are you dreaming right now? Buddy I am not asking what you are thinking, what are you dreaming? What is it? Don’t say Angelina Jolie or million dollar or Dominos pizza. :P. (of course I too often think of them). You gotta be flexible, big and confident in your dreaming. I am gonna give you example of this.

  •      I am gonna set up a agricultural venture that completely eradicates suicides of farmers and make agriculture profession like facebook.(pretty crazy and big)
  • I want to write a book just like Alchemist and The monk who sold his ferrari. It should be one of the influential book in the world.
  • I want to do bungy jump, learn piloting a flight, propose the girl who I found beautiful.

So I sounded more crazy than big dreams. Yes remember this, “When people tell you have gone mad, crazy and completely nuts, come to a conclusion that you are on the right track.

“Damn it! chaitu!!! you are absurd dude. What is the faeeda(purpose) of doing that? There are many rational people like me, who build towers on clouds.”

“Excuse me! please also dream how you are going to achieve the dream. How you find the achievement of your dream. ” I told out.

And of course you have done it too. Now I guess you may feel spine chill with fear has run through your body. Yipppeeeee it’s a sign of omen, if it has come then sure it’s an omen. 

So I am coming to end of my post, trying to insert a gloomy image from google images about dreams. Go man, see the image,(don’t scold me if you don’t like  it.) and start making your moves towards your goal. I guess you are going towards the big mountains that hold a immense treasure.



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