Ink blobs and emptiness


 While we’re on this whole subject of not taking things personally and the fact that what other people think of you says more about them than anything, how about a couple more Ideas to really bring the point home?
     First, ink blobs. Ever heard of Rorschach tests? Basically, psychologists can sneak a peek into their patients’ consciousness by asking them to describe what they see when they look at a picture of an ink blob. Now, there’s *nothing* in the ink blob (other than blobbiness), but what the patient says they see tells us a lot about what’s going on inside their little noggin.
     Second, emptiness. It’s a Buddhist concept that basically says everything is empty of meaning—everything is inherently NEUTRAL (kinda like that ink blob). The meaning we give to any particular empty/neutral experience is often an unconscious expression of how we see the world. So, if I’m a pissy person, I’ll interpret a neutral event negatively; whereas, if I’m a happy person, I’ll interpret that same event in a more empowering way.
     Now, the cool thing about this whole emptiness business is the fact that, given the inherent “emptiness” of any given situation, every moment has a “hidden potential”—we can train ourselves to CHOOSE the most empowering perspective.
     And, ultimately, that’s what it’s all about, eh?
     Ink blobs and emptiness. Good stuff.

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