Where is happiness found? This is a sort of complicated question, that pings in everyone’s mind at one point or other. Had ever this question hit your mind? Yes. If you have seen the previous two lines the more has been about questions. Happiness is all about questioning the consciousness. Seems weird. But it’s true. Right now I have question for you. So what are you doing and what you actually(genuinely) want? Thinking……ok ….My post will wait….had given thought. So I am gonna reveal a secret to you :i :i. A big one. Come closer…still more closer.

     So listen Happiness is all about  what you want to do and not about what you should do. Got it. Yes that so simple. I want you read it once again. The happiness is all about what you “want” to do it and it’s not about what you should do. So what are you waiting for? Log out your facebook account. Go out, dance, talk to your love, do an act of compassion, read out a book you have kept in your attic, jump off the bridge(if you are crazy enough) and finally lose yourselves. This is happiness all about. Run boy, run. Chase for happiness, because you deserve. You deserve happiness. You don’t want it. You deserve. Go claim it. 🙂 🙂


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